Strategic Visioning

20 Nov

This week, I completed a Strategic Visioning workshop with a new client.  When we start an engagement, we always start by establishing the vision.  This is what creates the context for action for the engagement.  Without the pull of a clear, aligned and committed organizational vision, an organization is usually pushed by its pain.  In my last post, I spoke about the Process Cycle.  The center of the process cycle is the desired outcomes.  The desired outcome for this organization is to take their business to the next level as defined by specific, measurable outcomes to be accomplished over the next 5 years.  The next steps are to create the strategy and build the capabilities and processes to realize the desired outcomes by meeting key year-to-year objectives.

Producing a strategic vision is a process onto itself.  The process starts with performing a deep discovery process which informs the design of the workshop.  The workshop was designed to produce the following outcomes:

  • Develop the Vision in the following terms:
    • The purpose of the organization.
    • Core values and beliefs.
    • A specific three to five year mission with specific outcomes clearly defined.
    • A vivid description of what the organization will look like when the mission is accomplished.
    • Perform an environmental scan of all the factors that will support the mission or threaten accomplishing the mission.
    • Identify the strategic objectives to be accomplished over the next twelve months in support of the mission.
    • Identify the key projects necessary to implement the objectives.
    • Assign a single point of accountability for each strategic objective and project.

These were the key “hard” outcomes of the Strategic Visioning process.  The key “soft” outcomes were to leave the session:

  • Energized by the experience of building a deeper level of relationship and trust.
  • Aligned and committed to bring forth the vision.
  • A deeper sense of being a team and the power of teamwork.


In short, the experience created a more powerful executive team that will be able to take new, more powerful actions the next day.

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