10 Principles to Optimize Your Business Results: Introduction

01 Dec

With this post I’m launching an extended series on a set of 10 principles formulated to help CEOs correct broken businesses and crippled companies. Strategic Momentum uses these very principles to take their clients from stagnation to new heights of success. I crafted them myself in the early 1990s to fix the systemic flaws and limiting factors in an industrial PC company of mine, doubling the company’s revenues within an 18-month period. These principles have proven themselves under fire time and time again. They are:

Principle 1:  The Business as a System

Principle 2: The Power of Vision

Principle 3: The Importance of Strategy

Principle 4: Conversations as a Core Business Process

Principle 5: Key Factors Shaping Your Business Results

Principle 6: Conversational Dynamics

Principle 7: Mindset Shapes Results

Principle 8: Relationship and Trust as Critical Success Factors

Principle 9: Processes and Capabilities

Principle 10: Leadership as a Critical Success Element

I will discuss the concepts behind each principle and the role they play in bringing balance, order and productivity to the systems that drive a company. By the time we explore all of these principles you’ll see how they all work together to engineer a new, more successful business design.

Oh, and by all means feel free to post comments or questions as we go. I’d love to make this series as useful and as interactive as possible for all of us. Stay tuned – and enjoy!


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