10 Principles to Optimize Your Business Results: Principle #5 — Key Factors Shaping Your Business Results

06 Dec

We’re now approaching the halfway point of our examination of the 10 Principles in this series. Let’s now look at the key factors that affect the results you get out of your most powerful asset — your people.

A successful business runs on successful people. Companies don’t make things happen; the people in those companies do. Think of each employee in your company as a “success engine.” Not a cog in the machine, not an interchangeable gear, but a generator of energy. When that energy is positively aligned with that of others, a massively congruent result takes place. We call it success.

The key factors that align your people toward successful results include:

A compelling vision. Recall Principle #2: When people combine forces under the banner of an exciting, energizing vision, they become invested in the success of the final outcome — they own a piece of that success, and work together to achieve it.

Clear values. What does your company stand for? When you define your company’s values, your people understand not only what they do but also why they do it.

Effective strategy. We discussed in Principle #3 how strategy represents the “How” of your business. When your people can see the whole plan from 30,000 feet, they understand just how their function affects the entire process.

Collaboration, commitment and trust. As your people comprehend the vision, values and strategy behind your company’s design they come “on board” with it, agreeing to work together to make it happen and support each other in an open, trusting environment.

Responsibility and accountability. Simply put, when your people feel that they partially own your company’s success or failure, they step up and take responsibility for doing their part as well as possible. Accountability breeds quality.

See you at Principle #6!


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