10 Principles to Optimize Your Business Results: Principle #8 – Relationship and Trust as Critical Success Factors

09 Dec

“Trust me.” Do those sound like famous last words to you? Do you mentally put up a barrier to that total stranger who wants to sell you a used car or look after your toddler? Have you ever trusted someone and then wished you hadn’t?

We’ve all had experiences that make us think twice about whom to trust and what level of trust those people should receive. When we feel we cannot trust others in a given situation or environment, we hold back. We apply conditions to our interactions. We refuse to commit. That attitude may make us feel safe — but in the workplace, it renders us incapable of action.

Remember, businesses consist of departments. Departments consist of teams. Teams consist of individuals. These individuals must feel that they can interact with each other fully before they will commit to the big decisions, the true innovations — the breakthroughs that take your company to the next step in its evolution.

When we work in a trust-based corporate atmosphere, we feel empowered. We can then free ourselves to engage fully in projects with other team members and departments. We become unafraid to speak up, move forward and innovate. Organizations that foster mutual trust and employee input can take on bigger challenges go for bigger goals and enjoy better communication. Remember the conversation dynamics we examined in Principle #6? Open, authentic conversations can only take place when people trust in their colleagues and employers. If you nurture those conversations in a trust-based workplace, you’ll have the teamwork you need to build your success. Trust me!


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