10 Principles to Optimize Your Business Results: Principle #10 – Leadership as a Critical Success Factor

11 Dec

Everyone knows that great business results require great business leadership. But what exactly does that mean? What does a great leader actually do that makes the difference between poor results, okay results and stellar results?

I come from an engineering background, so let’s put it this way: A leader is a success engineer. A strong leader employs all 10 of the success principles we’ve discussed in this series to design, build and maintain a company that runs like a well-oiled machine, producing exactly the results its leader wants it to produce.

Great leaders start with a fear-free environment, establishing trust as the medium for growing solid relationships between the individuals in the organization. Upon this positive background, the leader then plants a powerful, motivating vision that inspires the employees to dream big. The leader then creates strategies and processes to fulfill those strategies, transforming the vision from a dream into a goal and drawing a roadmap toward that goal.

What’s another trait associated with leaders? Action. Leaders take action and inspire others to take action. However, action rests on three essential building blocks:

Context for Action – Leaders must set the stage for success. Real leadership requires moving the organization beyond the everyday drift, beyond business-as-usual mentality. To do this, leaders must focus on creating a compelling vision for a future that would not happen without their leadership.  With that vision in place, leaders must empower and engage their workforce, giving them the environment they need to properly pursue that vision.

Predisposition for Action – Leaders must maintain a positive, open, supportive workplace to keep morale high and productivity flowing, establishing the right communication channels for open, authentic conversations.

Capacity for Action – Leaders take the responsibility for setting down the right processes, fed by the right capabilities, and making sure that those processes get documented, monitored and measured regularly, fixing any kinks in the road  that may be affecting the business’s bottom line, and continuously improving the processes.

Be the great leader your company needs — use the 10 Principles for Business Success!



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